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Our intelligent matching systems gets you the best, most qualified candidates based on the skills and personality traits you’re looking for.

How it Works

Yes, it’s really this easy!

Create a Search

Choose the skills you need, and Happy Hired will provide you with quality matches to fill any role you’re looking for.

View Your Matches

Once you’ve received your matches, view them on our easy-to-use platform and decide which ones you want to chat with!

Make Your Hire

Once you’ve met with your ideal candidates and are ready to make the hire, simply notify them through the platform and get them onboard with ease and organization.

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Created for Healthcare by Healthcare

Happy Hired was born out of the inefficiencies of trying to find quality employees in the Home Healthcare Industry. Finding, identifying, and keeping good talent has always been one of the biggest challenges of running a business.

Happy Hired matches caregivers with quality providers without the traditional resume posting process. We match you with your ideal candidates based on the skills and personality traits you desire. You can now spend less time reading and deciphering resumes and start focusing on meeting and hiring the candidates that fit your needs best.

Features Our Customers Love

No Resumes

Happy Hired’s intelligent matching system relies on hard skills and personality traits to deliver match scores for each candidate to assess how they fit your desired position.

Personality Matching

Finding the right candidate goes far beyond just the skills they possess, that’s why Happy Hired also includes personality trait matching to help deliver the best match.

Healthcare Focused

Most job boards aren’t optimized for the medical industry. Happy Hired was built from the ground up to precisely find you the candidate with the exact skills you are looking for.

Hire Faster

Happy Hired makes the hiring process easier, and most importantly faster, by bypassing the finding and identification stages that take up so much time for hiring managers.

Pay as You Go

1 Job Listing
1-2 Matches




1 Job Listing
10 Matches




1 Job Listing
30 Matches




Unlimited Job Listings
Unlimited Matches



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