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Resumes are inefficient. Choose the skills and behavioral traits you are looking for and leave the rest to us.

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Get relevant, qualified matches for a fraction of the price that you would pay on a traditional job board.

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Our platform was built from the ground up to serve the healthcare industry. Find RNs, CNAs, Caregivers, etc. with us!

Give Happy Hired a try – within minutes, we will match you with candidates that perfectly fit the position you are looking for. Immediately decrease your cost and time to hire with Happy Hired.

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Looking for a new Healthcare opportunity? In less than 5 minutes, you can sign up, choose your skills, and get matched to Providers looking to hire new employees. Best part about HappyHired – no resumes or lengthy online applications! Sign up today and start getting job offers!

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Yes. Hiring Without Resumes.

We understand this seems a bit strange, but trust all of our customers who are hiring most of their matches and are experiencing the lowest turnover rates they have ever had. Bypass the fluff on resumes, and focus on the hard skills and behavioral traits you are looking for – HappyHired is your answer.

1. Choose Your Skills

Pick the position you are looking to fill, and HappyHired will present you with a list of specific skills and certifications for your position. Check the boxes you’re looking for!

2. Pick Your Personality

Are there specific motivators, communication styles, preferences, or emotional qualities that you are looking for? Happy hired matches on these traits as well.

3. Get your Matches!

Once you are done, instantly see your future hires ranked by a match score. Check out their bio, click a button to request an interview or contact them directly.

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